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Here are some research and industry projects I worked on in my undergraduate and graduate career.

Anomalous Thermal Expansion in Anharmonic Materials

California Institute of Technology

Conducted computational and experimental research on fundamental thermal properties in anharmonic materials using lattice dynamics calculations and inelastic neutron scattering of single crystals.

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California Institute of Technology

Studied temperature dependent anharmonic behavior of materials using neutron powder diffraction at the ARCS chopper spectrometer at the Spallation Neutron Source.



Federal Hearings and Appeals Services, Inc.

Advised on the development and deployment of Cogno-Solve, a Java-based OCR SaaS platform for automated business rules decisions; efforts led to an increase in claims processing of ~30%. Interfaced with subject matter experts (physicians, administrative law judges, executive team) and an external product development team to meet software sprints deliverables.


Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Worked with both the Mantid and ICE development teams to design, code, and present a custom Java 2D/3D plotting software in Agile environment for Spallation Neutron Source instrument users.


Soil Activation Along Accelerator Hotspots and Colliders

Brookhaven National Laboratory

Implemented high performance simulations to analyze soil activation via Monte Carlo N-Particle eXtended (MCNPX) in and around accelerator components for Department of Energy (DOE) report.


Image Fusion Using Calculus of Variations

Duquesne University

Studied mathematical methods used in image fusion techniques and curvature analysis.


Gas Electron Multiplier Detector Efficiency

Duquesne University

Remotely analyzed Hall B detector efficiency data for Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility. Wrote programs to efficiently display and model detector data efficiency.


Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Modeled instrument resolution effects on total scattering neutron diffraction experiments for time-of-flight neutron diffractometers.

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