• Claire N. Saunders

Compassion in Crisis

Updated: Mar 18

We are all getting stir crazy right now doing something called social distancing. Some of us are lonely. Many of us are scared for ourselves and for those we love.

A few of us are frustrated because we are young and healthy and don’t understand why all of this is necessary.

Like many Americans, I have a chronic illness. Because of this, I take several medications that make me much more likely to get sick even when there isn’t a global pandemic. I have a condition called Eosinophilic Granulomatosis with Polyangiitis, which primarily affects the respiratory tract. This means I am especially vulnerable to respiratory viruses like COVID-19.

By now, you’ve all read enough articles talking about the importance of social distancing to protect those of use who are higher risk of developing fatal complications from COVID-19, but we are not heeding their advice. My Instagram stories are still filled with people at bars, clubs, and large gatherings.

Granted, I understand the need to support local businesses. However, there are ways to support these businesses without endangering the lives of those who are immunocompromised, have chronic conditions, or both. Order online. Purchase a gift card.

I am not the only one out here with a chronic illness. We do not wear badges saying that are immunosuppressed. We can look just as healthy while being in far more danger than anyone else.

We should not have to know someone in a crisis to feel compassion for all who are affected. I should not have to tell you how my family worries every time I have to leave my home to get groceries. And I should not have to tell you how devastated they would be if I died as a result of this virus. But I feel like I do.

Please social distance.


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